expectations: how you make others let you down

Expectations are funny things… We all make them; every single one of us has expectations about everything in our lives. From the people we interact with, the places we go, and the food we eat. We all expect the things in our lives to be perfect. We set the highest expectations we can on things we cannot control, only to be let down time after time. Did you ever think that it’s your own fault others are letting you down? That maybe you should review the expectations you have and make them more attainable. It will end up leaving you a little more satisfied instead of frustrated.

When did we develop expectations? Did we have them as children… Or are they something that come as you age? When you become more informed about the world and your surroundings, you become more judgemental and specific on what and who you want to be surrounded with. As a child, we were told what to do and did not have any sort of responsibility, except to listen to our parents… I think our expectations were always met, so we were never let down. Now that we have a better understanding of what we want and need, it leads us into vulnerability and often getting hurt.


the thought of you gone

trickles down my throat like glass.

I collapse into myself;

you made me whole,

but now I am hollow.

without you, I feel nothing.

my heart beats like a fist to my thighs.


it’s better you’ll be gone.

you drain me of myself

and insert shame.